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Need a Break? Of course, you do!

Maybe you’re part of the millions of stressed-out men and women that make up this great country. Well, we’re here to help combat that. We’re here for everyday Aussies and Kiwis in need of a short break. You’ll find all the inspiration you need for your next getaway, from travel and well-being advice to the best food and wine spots, we’ve got you covered. Consider us your personal travel companion you can access at any time and from any device.

Ready for more? Go on, get your own slice of happiness and become a champion of the short break yourself.

We worked out a way where people can come to Need a break website and plan their break. A web app based on Angular, that would help people add a destination, accommodations, attractions and would create a Google Map based PDF and send you an email, so you can plan your break properly.

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