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The INDO EXPO Trade Show. 

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The INDO EXPO  supports the growth of the Cannabis Industry by bringing together industry professionals from around the world.  This full-spectrum Cannabis B2B event showcases hundreds of companies, brands, and product lines, representing equipment, lighting, nutrients, greenhouses, supplies, tools, lifestyle and ancillary companies and services such as legal, HVAC, IT, packaging, labeling, security and real estate firms, staffing, HR, brokers, consultants and more.

Being one of the biggest cannabis shows, they had a problem, that they were still relying on a lot of manual work. That is what Chris came to us to solve. Figure things out, so his team could focus more on making the exhibition better and lesser on handling what website should have done by itself.


Here’s what Chris had to say about the job.

My initial consult with Utsav went very well, the scope of work could be to some, overwhelming, he was calm, took notes, and quickly comprehended our needs. We went over the project, the process, how we can work together efficiently, etc.. I already feel confident, that working together will be a good decision. I would recommend working with Utsav. (when he’s done helping us 🙂)

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