Hire remote WordPress developers

Hiring has always been tricky and let's face it, expensive. It doesn't always have to be that. Big companies like Automattic are hiring remotely which helps them grow even culturally while still keeping the operation cost low.
Hiring with us can bring your cost down by as much as one-fourth for staff of similar experience in developed countries.

Hiring remotely with us

Dedicated Staff

You get a developer/designer who works only for you. It's like hiring full-time, without having to take care of extra baggages.


You simply hire a staff. That's it. We take care of everything from food to desk to their taxes and everything.


Hiring in developing countries like Nepal can save you at-least 75% on salary. So you could hire 4 at price of one. Invest that money elsewhere.

Hire Project Managers

Project managers are those who act as a bridge between you and team members. Hiring a proven Project Manager means job half done.
With us you can hire Project Managers with years of experience and with proven track record.  Our project managers are well versed in everything from planning to execution of the project.

Hire a frontend developer

A website or app without a proper User experience and interface is of no use.

With time, UI and UX have become more demanding and with experience we can always be on top. A remote frontend dev can still discuss with you, get your ideas and bring them to life.

They have also spread to new contexts, like mobile, wearables, and cars.

Hire a WordPress developer

Whether you’re hiring freelance developers or considering augmenting your business with remote work, these posts look at how the future of work will impact work environments, how to build a remote team, and ultimately, how to make remote work “work” for you. Find everything from interview questions to ask, guides on how to hire freelancers, and more!

Hiring remotely
can be your single best decision

Still have doubts or are slightly interested?
Talk to us about your doubts and we can help clear things for you. Book a meeting today and we can help you decide if remote hiring is best for you.

What are our clients saying about remote hiring

Dhan was very qualified to conduct this work. He followed the project and the quality of his work was very good. Very happy and will use Dhan again.

Tony Ashmore


We have worked with Dhananjaya several times before since we are very happy with his work. He answers clearly, help when we do not understand, gives solutions and the job is always of great quality. We are satisfied with everything!

Fredrik Hardenhill


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